Poundex does not sell to the general public. Contact your local retailer/distributor for more information on our products.

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Questions About Poundex

How do I setup an account with Poundex?
Please fill out a copy of California Resale Certificate Form, and fax over both resale license and certificate to Poundex. For contact information, please refer to our Contact Us page.

Can I purchase products directly from Poundex?
Being a furniture importer, Poundex does not sell to the public consumers. Poundex only sells to furniture retailers & distributors.

What is the minimum order for my order?
There is no minimum order for self pick-up customer, but there is a $600 minimum for shipping orders.

How are the shipping orders being handled?
Customer needs to arrange for freight pickup, and the freight charge is paid by customer.

What forms of payment does Poundex accept?
Cash only for the first four orders on all new accounts. Currently we accept cash, credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), and company checks.

What is the return policy?
Exchange for manufacture defective items must be made within 180 days. Requesting parts for damage by customer will require additional charges.

Requesting Catalog

Where and how can I get a Poundex catalog?
After you have set up an account with Poundex, the catalog will be given or mailed directly to you.

Questions About Poundex.com

Why aren't prices listed on Poundex's website? Do you currently sell online?
Currently, Poundex does not sell product online. The website only serves as an online showcase for Poundex furniture.

For items that are displayed on the website, will the texture and color of the product be the same as the one that I am getting?
Color may vary due to viewers' monitor displays. Due to improvement for some items, structure might be different than the one that is displayed.

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